Szkoła języków obcych


Idioms are expressions whose meaning can't be understood from the meaning of the individual words of which they are composed.
For example, the English phrase 'to kick the bucket' means 'to die'. Even if you know the meaning of 'kick' and 'bucket' you will not be able to predict that the expression can mean 'to die'.
Learn them and use them!

A wet blanket = a person who doesn't join the fun of others and thus reduces their pleasure

A stand-up fight = a hard fight, either physically or with words

A going concern = a prosperous business

French leave = absence without permission

A Dutch treat = entertainment where each person pays his own share

A close shave = a narrow escape from danger

A fair hand = handwriting that is easy to read

A fancy price = an unusually high price

An old hand = person with a lot of experience

The wee hours = the hours after midnight

As black as the Ace of Spades = very dirty

As drunk as a lord = very drunk

As bold as brass = cheeky, impudent

As cunning as a a fox = very clever, very smart

As quick as lightning = very quick (e.g. in running or seeing through a problem)

As sound as a bell = healthy, in good condition (also said of machines)

As pretty as a picture = very pretty

As rich as Croesus = extremely rich

As brown as a berry = having a tanned skin after sunbathing

As dumb as a fish = stupid