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British and American English

Although they differ from each other, being variants of World English, American and British English are more similar than different.
Here are a few words which are different in American and British English.


American British
apartment flat
argument row
baby carriage pram
band-aid plaster
bathroom loo or WC
can tin
chopped beef mince
cookie biscuit
corn maize
diaper nappy
elevator lift
eraser rubber
flashlight torch
fries chips
gas petrol
guy bloke, chap
highway motorway
hood (car) bonnet
jello jelly
jelly jam
kerosene paraffin
lawyer solicitor
license plate number plate
line queue
mail post
motor home caravan
movie theater cinema
muffler silencer
napkin serviette
nothing nought
overpass flyover
pacifier dummy
pants trousers
parking lot car park
period full stop
pharmacist chemist
potato chips crisps
rent hire
sausage banger
sidewalk pavement
soccer football
sweater jumper
trash can bin
truck lorry
trunk (car) boot
vacation holiday
vest waistcoat
windshield (car) windscreen
zip code postal code